The Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg earlier this year saw new and innovative ideas for passenger accommodation in flights. While many manufacturers are attempting to make travel more comfortable for flyers, one company that particularly stood out was Singapore-based AirGo for their inventive space saving business class seat.

The airline has combined the concept of business class comfort with a new design that maximises available space. They claim it to be the most space-efficient design ever seen. If that is really the case, it could make the regular lie flat business class travel a whole lot cheaper. The premium seating is for everyone from families, couples to even solo travellers who don’t mind some comfort with luxury.

The key to the success of their product is the inclusion of two different seats: sleeper-type sofa by the window and the standard business class seat in the middle.

The former can be used by couples and families to have a more shared in-flight experience; while the seats have a small pitch of just 27.6 inches, they are arranged in a way that everyone gets a lie flat experience. There are dividing walls between pairs of seats that can also be dropped down to create a queen-sized bed.

The standard business class seats, however, have a pitch of 47.6 inches, essentially by using the wasted space. They say that with this Galaxy layout on a Boeing 777, one can have as man as 30 – 40 seats as opposed to the regular 20- 30 seats. It’s only natural then that they’re going to charge way less than a standard business class seat.

However, the idea of a space saving premium product by AirGo is a long way off. It’s just an idea on paper for now before it is tested by the airlines and passengers in life sized mock-up. If that passes, it’ll still take a few years before we see it taking off.