No matter what you do to have a seamless travel experience, your vacation can never really be devoid of a few hiccups. However, some hacks seem to work regardless. They always work like a charm, no matter how many times you’ve used them. Here are just a few to help you avoid some regular hassles:

Talk more, smile more

Although it’s not easy, talking to strangers can land you with some of the best discoveries. From restaurants to shopping places, talking to people, more specifically, locals around you can help you discover and explore the places of your dreams. Also, know that when you smile, you instantly ease off. So, the next time you walk into a coffee shop in a foreign country, smile away, and notice how relaxed you feel in an unfamiliar zone.

A pouch for cords and pens

The most annoying downside of travelling in an airplane is never finding the accessories to your gadgets. Be it the portable charger, earphones, or the USB cord, putting them all in one pouch and then putting the pouch in a convenient place in your carry-on can save you some serious trouble. Also, you don’t want to be that person who asks for pen all around the aircraft to fill out that customs form. So, put one of those in the pouch too.

Drink and eat in moderation, especially on flights

While downing drinks after drinks may seem like an exciting idea at first, you must know that alcohol worsens the dehydration caused in a flight. Also, it messes with your sleep cycle and you don’t want to be all groggy when you land. Exercise a little restraint with the food too. You’ll see how nice and light you feel upon landing.

Practice digital detox everyday for a few minutes

Engaging with friends or family on social media while travelling certainly enriches your travel experiences, but at least once a day be mindful of being present in the moment. Look up from your phone and actually enjoy a sunset, take in the street you’re walking on, or enjoy that morning cup of coffee by the roadside cafe. These solo moments are what truly add to your entourage of experiences.