While leading a frugal lifestyle so you can afford regular travel is totally understandable, there are a few things that you cannot compromise on no matter what. Every traveller needs to own a few sturdy travel essentials; they’re more of an investment than a splurge. Here’s a list of things every traveller must invest in for a smoother, happier journey.

A quality laptop bag

If you’re a traveller who lugs around a laptop, investing in a superior quality laptop bag is the smartest thing to do. The same applies to your camera bag, if you’re a photographer. Being on the move with expensive gadgets is quite tricky; you want to make sure you’ve given them the best possible protection.

Give connecting flights a pass

If you have a choice between a direct and a connecting flight, It’s wiser to spend some extra bucks and hop onto the direct one. You don’t have to spend on a first-class upgrade, but connecting flights just add unnecessary stress to the travel.

Good shoes

The least you can do for your feet while you’re tirelessly travelling, is to cushion them with great shoes. Those leather boots may look great in the shop window, but they’ll kill you every step of the way. Modest-looking sneakers are the way to go, especially if there’s a lot of walking involved.

Waterproof clothing

You never know where and when you’ll need those waterproof pants and jackets. So you might as well be nicely stocked on waterproof clothing that’ll help you smoothly sail through extended outdoor activities in a climate prone to rain and snow.

A travel journal

You may not believe how effective this is until you start maintaining one. Documenting your travels is the best way to stack your memories, that you can always keep coming back to. You can paste pictures, write notes and scribble your ideas and thoughts on the go. Make sure you invest in a really good quality journal.