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Acquiring visas for countries you’ve been meaning to visit can be a pretty painstaking process. Considering India currently ranks 76th in the world for travel freedom, there are only about 52 countries and territories where Indians have free visas or visa-on-arrival facilities. This is probably because India has pretty tough visa policies too. But there are a few countries around the world that enable Indian passport holders to get a visa online. While some call it electronic visas, some others refer to it as Electronic Travel Authorization. Here are eight such countries that offer hassle-free online visa procedures. Also Read - Thailand Extends Free Visa-on-Arrival For Indians Till April 2020

1. Turkey


Since the number of Indian tourists visiting Turkey has increased drastically, the visa policy for Indians changed only in 2015. You can apply for the Turkish e-visa only if you have an existing Schengen or US visa and it costs somewhere around Rs 1400. Usually, most people combine a visit to Turkey with a Euro trip. Also Read - Visa Too Much of a Hassle? Here Are 24 Countries Indians Can Visit Without One

2. Bahrain


Bahrain is the only Gulf Cooperation Country that has the e-visa facility for Indians. While it is not as glamorous as the other Arab brothers, it’s just as stunning a destination to visit. A mix of the culture and modernity, Bahrain is a place worth visiting in the UAE.

3. Taiwan


Taiwan has a rather unusual online process for Indians. One needs to have a valid visa to the US, Canada, the UK, Australia, New Zealand or Japan in order to seek an e-visa to Taiwan. The catch to this, however, is that Indians are also included among other south-east Asian countries and online approval is required for the visa to be processed.

4. Sri Lanka

sri lanka

While Turkey offers a cheap visa, Sri Lanka is known for processing e-visas at lightning speed! Fill the online form- transfer the money- receive the visa in your inbox… that’s how simple it is.

5. Myanmar


It was only in 2015 that Myanmar introduced the e-visa facility. And though the online process is extremely simple, it is applicable only if you land at the Yangon International Airport. It will be invalid at any other airport. Once the Indi-Myanmar highway gets functional, we’re expecting the e-visa to be applicable there too, since it’s invalid now.

6. Sao Tome and Principe

Photograph courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

It’s okay if you’ve never heard of this country before. Now that you have, do keep it in mind if you’re a sucker for water sports like snorkeling and diving. This West African Island nation can be reached only by the TAP airlines via Lisbon and seldom from Angola and Nigeria.

7. Zimbabwe


Even if the only reason why you’d want to visit Zimbabwe is to see Victoria Falls, it’s completely worth it! Though there are no catches while applying for the visa online, it’s smarter to club the trip with a visit to South Africa. It will only help you cut down on travel expenses. 

8. Rwanda


Rwanda is one of the underrated African destinations. The application process is easy and you can expect to receive your visa anywhere between a week to 10 days.

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