With the ever-increasing tourism engulfing every square inch of our Earth, it’s a bit of a work to plan where to go at the right time. A traveller wants to explore the unknown, with a certain hunger to go as far and deep as the place allows. But sometimes, there are hindrances; either a lot of tourists are populating that place already or you end up going at a time when the place isn’t exactly at its best. We sure must’ve made mistakes in 2018, here’s what we can keep in mind to have the best travel experiences in 2019. Also Read - Tips on How And When to Book Your Flights And Hotels to Get The Best Deal

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Instead of going to a place and following the touristy path of checking off lists of must do, try and get in sync with the local life. Go to the market, take photographs, share a story with a local, relish delicious local food in the cafes, and soak in the loveliness of that place. You’ll not only beat the crowds, but also support the local community in a way you wouldn’t have imagined. We need less stories about the iconic spots; they’re widely covered already. We need more local stories. Stories that may change how the others look at travel. Also Read - Here Are 4 Ways in Which a Traveller Can Combat Jet Lag

Explore the underrated towns and cities

If you get a chance to pick between a well-known city or a place nobody has ever heard of; choose the latter. It’s your chance to bring light upon the new place. You could be somebody who’s explored a hidden gem rather than being a mainstream traveller. Blogging or vlogging about a place that’s got less material on it – could get you a whole lot of readers or views because people want to know new things.

Don’t use a travel guide

Safe as they might be, travel guides are tried and tested for ages. There’s nothing new that goes in on them. Instead, ask locals where they would go if they had the luxury of seeing the city again. Strike out the popular ones from that list and head to the lesser talked about ones. For example; when you’re in Delhi, don’t make a plan of visiting the Taj Mahal without having explored the Mughal architecture in the city. There are tonnes; one of the most brilliant among them is Humayun’s Tomb.

Give off-season a chance to help you fall in love with a place

This is the smartest trick of all. Visit a poplar place; but do it in off-season. You’ll have the streets, sight-seeing, wineries all to yourself – and you’ll be surprised at how authentic your experiences will be when you’re not surrounded with a buzzing crowd all the time. If you are travelling with a partner – it could be better than your honeymoon because of the unique tranquility engulfing a hep place.