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Last week we gave you hacks on how to save money for a trip. And while this may be useful to many of us, one of the things that bother most travelers is packing! How we hate doing it and the trouble of fitting your world in one suitcase or two can be quite challenging. So today, we give you some hacks that will make this process easier for you. We’ve already told you about how to pack more stuff in a tiny suitcase. Today, we tell you how to use everyday products to help you pack more things. Also Read - Kejriwal Warns of Action Against Private Hospitals Denying COVID-19 Treatment, Urges Asymptomatic People to Not Test

1. Use empty chaptsicks for storing money

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Don’t throw away those empty chapstick tubes. Instead, use them to for safekeeping of your money when you travel. You can roll the bills and save them in the empty tubes.

2. Use contact lens case for storing make-up

Contact lens case

If you are someone who buys the biggest bottle of skincare products this hack will come in handy. Instead of taking the whole bottle along, store some of the product you will need into a contact lens case. These are leak-proof so nothing will spill on your clothes and you will save space too.

3. Store earrings in medicine organizer

Pills organizer

Those tiny pill boxes with days marked on them to remind you to take your medicine can also be useful for storing something else. Tiny earrings that often get misplaced among other things can be safely packed in this. What’s more, you can also pack them based on which one you want to wear on each day.

4. Use sunglasses case to keep your cables

Sunglasses Case

Don’t we hate it when our cables get entangled in one another? One safe way to store them is to keep them in an old sunglasses case. You can use a clip or rubber band to secure each of the cables and even store more than one in each case.

5. Use a shower cap to pack your shoes


Old shoes often have dirty soles that we don’t near our clean clothes. So to pack them, use shower caps. You can cover the soles of your shoes with these and then keep them on top of your clothes.

Have more ideas that can be used for packing and storing things? Share them with us.