Photograph courtesy: Pixabay

Photograph courtesy: Pixabay

Flight journeys aren’t much fun after the first few times. More so for kids who often get irritated and restless sitting in one place. Kids are full of energy and don’t like being trapped in one place for more than a few minutes. This can make flight travel with them quite a task not just for the parents but for fellow passengers too. So how do you keep your child happy during a flight? Here are a few tips. Also Read - To Fight COVID-19, PM Modi Launches 'CARES Fund', Urges Citizens to Donate

1. Keep them busy

Keeping kids occupied with something they like is one of the best ways to ensure that they don’t get restless. Carry a book they like to read or a tablet where they can watch their favorite cartoon show. These will keep them engrossed and they will not disturb you are anyone else on the flight. Also Read - Earth Hour 2020: Rohit Sharma Wants Citizens to do Their Bit For The Planet on Saturday

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2. Feed them well

A hungry kid is a cranky kid, period. So before you board the flight or even leave home, make sure your child has had a meal that will keep them full for at least a couple of hours. Don’t rely much on the meal served by the airline as chances are your child may not like it and not eat anything from it.

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3. Talk to them

Engrossing your child in a conversation is one way to prevent them from getting bored and irritated. Obviously this won’t work for infants but if your child is old enough to talk, ask them about what they will do once they land and more to keep them busy. Tell them more about the trip and where you are going so that they learn a thing or two on the way.

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