Photograph: Shutterstock

Photograph: Shutterstock

Going on a holiday with kids is not always a cakewalk and you may not get the required relaxation you hoped for. Children are often full of energy, moody and need to be engaged in some activity or the other to keep them busy and occupied. If you are planning a family vacation, here are some tips that’ll help you sail smoothly. Earlier, we gave you tips on how to travel with a kid on flight and today we share what you can do to keep them happy on a holiday. Also Read - New Single-Day Spike Record Every Day: 9,304 New Cases in Last 24 Hours | 10 Developments

1. Stay in a resort instead of a hotel

A resort is usually bigger in space than a hotel and there are many more things to do for kids such as swim, play games or pick up a new hobby. These will keep them busy when you want to go for a spa or sip a cocktail by the pool. If they run out of things to do, they are bound to get cranky. Also Read - World Environment Day 2020: From Planting Trees to Controlling Industrial Waste, 5 Things One Should Continue Doing Post Lockdown Period

2. Have other kids around

Kids are much happier when they are surrounded with other children they can play with. Even if they aren’t of the same age, the older one can take care of the other one or teach them a thing or two. So, plan your vacations with friends who have kids or bond with a family at the resort and let the kids enjoy together. Also Read - Batsmen at Advantage if Nothing Allowed to Shine The Ball: India Batting Coach Vikram Rathour

3. Carry some coloring books

Engaging your kids in an activity is the best way to keep them happy. Most children like to color or draw so make sure you carry their coloring books and kit along for your own good. If they aren’t fond of it so much, take something else along that they like.

4. Carry food along

Kids can take time to adapt in a new place and if you plan to go sightseeing and explore the town, make sure you carry some of your child’s favorite food from home that they can eat and feel at home. Feeding them something new for every meal may not always work so something familiar is always a good idea.

5. Ensure their safety

Safety of your child in a new place is highly important as you are a tourist here and don’t know much about the place and its people. Make sure you have an ID card around your child’s neck that has details like your number in case you lose them. Explain it to them that in case they can’t see you, they should ask someone to call on that number.


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