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Kerala, one of the southern-most states of India, fondly called as God’s own country for its abundance of natural beauty, is a major tourist destination among travellers from all around the world. The beaches, the backwaters, the rich culture, flora and fauna, attracts millions of tourists every year. But yet, if you are an outsider to Kerala, remembering names of places with tricky pronunciations and making your way through the resplendent locales with no knowledge about the local language, can be tough. Also Read - Here Are The Coolest Places in Kerala to Visit During The Summer

Understanding the day-to-day struggles of tourists visiting Kerala, the Kerala Tourism came up with a brilliant scheme to help travellers traverse through one breathtaking destination to another. In what is considered to be a path-breaking step to ease the navigation problem of travellers, Kerala Tourism introduced a quick response (QR) code-aided  tourism search, which makes it easier for travellers to find destinations and information on the department’s official website Also Read - Here Are 5 Reasons Why Kerala is Indeed God's Own Country!

According to Kerala Tourism Minister AP Anil Kumar, this technology will prove to be a boon for Indian as well as foreign travellers. “This technology will enable visitors to Kerala in overcoming difficulties they face in getting to their destinations. They will be able to not just get there, but know many interesting things about the place without any external help,” said the Kerala Tourism Minister, beaming with pride.

Now for all of you who are wondering how does this QR aided search work, it is very easy to use if you have a smartphone or a Tab with quick response code reader in it. All you’ve got to do is, scan the QR code with the reader on your phone or tab to know the details about the destination where you wish to travel to. Considering the era of technology, where smartphones play pivotal roles in travel planning, this technique is certainly going to put a smile on a weary traveller’s face.

Kerala Tourism additional director  TV Anupama said, “Kerala Tourism has already established hundreds of QR coded signboards across the state. The traveller can scan the QR code using a smartphone or a tab which has a QR code reader. The QR code will also be carried on tourism-related magazines and brochures.”

“The traveller can select the radius of the location which he wishes to know about. The predetermined distance varies from 2 to 50 km,” she added.

The QR code aided search also gives you around 1200 geotagged pictures of various tourist destinations within the state, to enhance the travelling experience. And the best part about this technology is that you can add your very own tourist destination that you have accidentally stumbled upon in Kerala, in the official website,  by uploading geotagged pics and information about the place, which would be verified by the Kerala Tourism  Department.

“Geotagged photographs with location information of possible tourism destinations can be uploaded to the tourism website by the tourist using a smartphone, which will be verified by Kerala Tourism before including in the QR code aided tourism search,” added Anupama.

With Kerala tourism being the first in India to use QR code tourism search, we hope that it turns out to be a grand success, motivating other enchanting states of India to employ this fruitful technique.