After being locked up at home for months and cursing the year 2020, we feel the constant need to travel to unwind. Well, if you are a mountain lover here’s good news. Uttarakhand government has eased travel restrictions and you no longer need a negative COVID-19 test or a minimum two-day booking at the hotel.Also Read - Election Commission’s Ban on Physical Rallies, Road Shows Likely To Continue Till Next Week: Report

The state government on Tuesday lifted the travel restrictions which was imposed in March due to the onset of coronavirus. Also Read - Here's How To Lookout For Your Heart Problems on a Road Trip

The new guidelines said that new rules shall come into effect from September 23. Tourists will have to register the modes of transportation they will use to travel, reported Hindustan Times. The guidelines have directed the management of hotels to immediately inform district administrations if any of their guests is found Covid-19 positive. Also Read - UK Classifies New Form Of Omicron As 'Variant Under Investigation'

If you are travelling to Uttarakhand, all you need to do is register yourself on Dehradun Smart City Limited website.

The state on September 19 had asked tourists to stay at the hotel for minimum two-day before heading to the state, it was mandatory for the travellers to submit negative reports which were not conducted earlier than 96 hours before entering the state.

Tourists visiting the state from high load COVID-infected will have to stay in seven days’ institutional and then seven days’ home quarantine. The same applies to tourists from outside India as well. However, if their COVID test is done not earlier than 96 hours before arrival, they shall be exempted from quarantine, reported Times of India.

The guidelines also state that traveller who is asymptomatic and is travelling for business or personal reasons, he/she can do that without getting disturbed. Although, they need to do monitor their health on regular basis. If the person has any symptoms, then he should connect with local authorities.

The TOI reported that those travelling for more than seven days are required to be in-home quarantine for 10 days. If you are asymptomatic and are travelling outside the state for more than five days or less, you will not have to go into home quarantine upon returning.