Photograph: ANI

Photograph: ANI

In yet another unfortunate railway accident, thirteen coaches of the Vasco Da Gama Patna Superfast Express derailed near Manikpur Railway Station in Uttar Pradesh on Friday morning. The accident that happened at 4.18 am has left three passengers killed and nine injured. The injured were rushed to a nearby hospital and several government authorities have reached the spot. The Vasco Da Gama – Patna Superfast express is one of the most prominent trains on this particular route and is taken by numerous passengers including tourists as a number of popular destinations fall on its route. Here is the route of the popular Vasco Da Gama Patna Express: Also Read - Patna Court Rejects Prashant Kishor's Bail Plea in Content Theft Case

Vasco Da Gama – Madgaon – Thivim – Sawantwadi Road – Ratnagiri – Chiplun – Panvel – Kalyan Junction – Igatpuri – Nasik Road – Manmad junction – Bhusaval Junction – Khandwa – Itarsi Junction – Jabalpur – Katni – Satna – Mughal Sarai Junction – Buzar – Ara – Patna Junction Also Read - Expelled JDU Leader Prashant Kishore Will Reveal Future Strategy in Patna on Tuesday

As you can see, the train goes through some of the most famous places in India. Goa is India’s go-to holiday spot for every long and short weekend as well as festive season. Mumbai is a global city and attracts visitors for both business and leisure. Igatpuri is one of the most popular getaways for people in Maharashtra on account of its beautiful weather and scenic landscapes. Nasik is the base to visit the popular Shirdi Sai Baba temple which attracts devotees from all over the world. Abalpur is one of the popular places to visit in Madhya Pradesh and is home to the historic Madan Mahal Fort. Mughal Sarai is one of the most popular railways stations in the state of Uttar Pradesh. And the destination of Vasco Da Gama Express – Patna – is Bihar’s most prominent city. Also Read - On Valentine's Day, Lovebirds in Patna May Exchange 'Pyaar ka Paudha'

The Vasco Da Gama Express operates with two numbers –

12741/Vasco da Gama – Patna SF Express, which has an average speed of 53 km/hr and covers 2229 km in 42h 15m

12742/Patna – Vasco da Gama SF Express which has an average speed of 51 km/hr and covers 2229 km in 44h

Our thoughts and prayers are with the families of passengers who lost their lives in the accident this morning. Trains are the lifeline of travellers in India and such mishaps make our hearts sink. Here’s hoping that all the important measures are taken to ensure safety of passengers in the future.