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Vat Purnima is celebrated in the western states of India, Gujarat, Maharashtra and Karnataka. The festival is celebrated in the month of Jyeshtha in the Hindu calendar on a full moon day.This year the festival is celebrated on June 19. The festival is celebrated by married women belonging to the Hindu community. They pray for the well being and prosperity of their husbands. The rituals include tying a thread around the banyan tree and taking seven rounds around it in order to hope to be wed to the same man in every single life. The festival is also called Vat Savitri in honor of Savitri who saved her husband’s life. Also Read - Himachal Pradesh News: How These Kinnaur Couple Contracted Coronavirus, First Case in This Remote District

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Savitri was the wife of Satyavan. It is believed that his death was foretold and one day he passed away. When Yama’s messenger came to take Satyavan’s soul away, Savitri refused. She was so adamant that Yama, the god of death appeared and eventually ended up blessing Savtri with three boons. First she asked for the well being of her parents-in-law, then she asked for the well being of her parents and lastly she asked for a son. The moment Satyavan agreed to grant each of the wishes, he realised that Savitri will need her husband to have a son. Considering how wise Savitri was, Yama returned without taking Satyavan along with him. Since then Savitri got to be known as Sati Savitri. Also Read - The New Normal? Salon Workers Covered In PPE Kits While Giving Haircuts, Images Go Viral

Women wake up early in the morning, dress up in new clothes and perform poojas. The rituals come to an end with scrumptious home-made delicacies.


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