That Kerala is one of India’s most beautiful destinations is known to one and all. The whole state is full of amazing places to visit ranging from temples and tea estates to hill stations to backwaters. Its vibrant festivals are as exciting as its breathtaking landscapes. One of the many gems worth checking out in Kerala is a lake called Vembanad Lake. Here are 5 reasons to visit Vembanad Lake at least once in your life.Also Read - Kerala Deploys Health Workers at 4 Airports Amid Omicron Scare, Mandates 14-Day Quarantine for Travellers from High-Risk Countries

Vembanad Kol happens to be the second largest lagoon in India. The Vembanad Wetland has been identified under National Wetlands Conservation Programme by the Government of India. Also Read - Kerala Makes RT-PCR Test Must For Travellers From Omicron Affected Countries | Check Guidelines Here

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The Vembanad Lake actually spans across several districts and is known by different names in different parts of Kerala. In Kotayam, it is called Vembanadu lake while those in Kuttanad call it the Punnamada lake.

Vembanad Lake photo 2

The part of Vembanad lake that is near Kochi is called Kochi lake. This part is home to some amazing islands like Vypin, Vallarpadam and Willingdon island.

Vembanad Lake photo 3

Vembanad Lake is also the venue for the popular Nehru Trophy Boat race. The race that is held on the second Sunday of August every year happens to be one of the biggest attractions in Kerala and draws in visitors from all over the world.

Vembanad Lake photo 4

Alapuzzha or Alleppey, another one of Kerala’s major attractions, is known for its large network of canals. Vembanad Lake plays a huge role in its canal system as Alleppey is sandwiched between the the Vembanad lake and the Laccadive sea.

Vembanad Lake photo 5

So, on your next visit to Kerala, do not miss the wonderful Vembanad lake.