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Not many of us may know about Virunga National Park in Congo, Africa’s first national park and a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1979. However, Virunga came under the limelight when it was on the verge of a civil war to protect its national park from poachers. The national park that is home to the last remaining mountain gorillas, was established in 1925 and people of its community relied on this national park for their livelihood. However, a few years ago, the people were on the verge of losing it all when there were attempts to poach the land and destroy the park. This documentary shows you the story of how some courageous people from the community risked their lives to save their national park and its biodiversity. Also Read - Delhi Secretariat Department Sealed as Official Tests COVID-19 Positive

Watch the trailer of the documentary that highlights the beauty of Virunga and the constant struggle of its people to keep poachers away. The bond between the mountain gorillas and their ranger is bound to melt your heart and the scene where they don’t leave his side, clutching to his body shows how attached they are to him. Also Read - Javelin Ace Neeraj Chopra Recommended For Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna by AFI, PT Usha Nominated for Dronacharya

Here are a few glimpses just how beautiful this national park is and why it deserves to be protected: Also Read - How Kiran Kumar Beat COVID-19 at 67: Social Distancing is Necessary, Not Social Boycotting

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Watch the trailer of the documentary below:

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