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According to the Malyalam Calendar, Vishu marks the beginning of a new year. It is celebrated on the first day of Medam month which is the first month of the year. The first day of this month falls in the Georgian month of April. This year Vishu will be celebrated on April 14. According to mythology, this is the day when Krishna killed the demon Narakasura. Another legend has it that Ravana never allowed the sun to rise straight. However, after Rama killed Ravana, the sun stopped rising in an angle in its positioning. Several people also believed that on Vishu, the day and night are equal which also signifies the summer equinox. It is the day when the sun enters Mesha (Aries) in the zodiac calendar. Also Read - Hyderabad-based Startup Launches COVID-19 Innovation Challenge For Students to Bring Potential Cure

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Photograph courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

Photograph courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

Though Vishu is primarily celebrated in Kerala, there are several Malyalees in India and Hyderabad is one of the places where people celebrate the festival on a grand scale. Vishu is predominantly celebrated at home where people decorate their homes with various auspicious objects which are yellow in color. Some of these items include the yellow cucumber, jack-fruit, gold, cassia fistula (konna) flowers, marigold, a mirror, rice, beetle leaves and coconuts. The mirror is used to look at Krishna and one’s own reflection side by side. Looking for a quick getaway from the city? Here are 5 weekend getaways from Hyderabad you can escape to.

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People feast with various food items prepared, the Vishu Sadya is looked forward to by many. In various localities, there are community celebrations as well, where people come together offer prayers and enjoy the sadhya together. The day is ended with fireworks.

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