Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve is located in the Chandrapur district of Maharashtra, which is approximately 3 hours (150 km) away from Nagpur. It is arguably one of the best places to see tigers in India; and though it is open year round, the best time to visit here is during April-May. Because it sees fewer travellers than most other Indian forest reserves, it provides a great opportunity to get up close and personal with the wildlife here. You can spot a lot of animals in this 1700-sq-km reserve including gaurs, chitals, nilgais, sloth bears, leopards and a big, healthy number of tigers and many different varieties of birds. Also Read - CBI to Now Need Maharashtra Government's Permission Before Investigating Cases in State

The success of protection and conservation mechanism of the tigers here can be attributed to the fact that the number has reached the optimal holding capacity. This, in turn means that the park has a healthy balance of flora and herbivore animals to be able to support the population of the big cat. All in all, Tadoba can be touted as an extremely potent forest where you’ll not only get to see wildlife in all its glory but also enjoy the nature trails as well. Also Read - Former Maharashtra Minister Eknath Khadse Quits BJP, to Join NCP on Friday

Wether you’re here on a chilly winter mornings or a scorching summer afternoon, you will be blessed with some of the most memorable wilderness experiences in this land of the Gond tribals. The best way to do it would be on an open Gypsy; that you can park at various points to see the wildlife of that area. For example, waiting by the lakeside or at Panchadhara will bring you the opportunity of sighting the most glorious birds. From eagles, to buzzards and falcons – you can be a part of their descent on the waterside, clicking many picture perfect postcards to take back home.

It’s a beautiful experience just driving through the ghost trees that brighten up the forest: palas and semul trees entice birds with their colours while huge giants like the ain, teak, arjun, jamun and bhera provide the forest with a spectacular character. You will easily spot gorgeous Indian gaur, the innocent sambar, barking deer, spotted deer and even the playful troupe of langurs. Another interesting creature in Tadoba are the crocodiles in the central lake. They are just as interesting to observe, their stealthy movements underwater and the way they swallow their prey at logic defying speed are things that will never leave you.