VJ Bani in Hong Kong Also Read - Amid Coronavirus Outbreak, Hong Kong Bans Foreign Travellers

You may know Hong Kong from its tall skyscrapers shimmering in the night sky and the neon signs that light up its streets, but there is much more to the city than that. And Gurbani Judge, the fitness model and television actress and presenter best known as Bani J or VJ Bani, is discovering the side of the city away from the big city lights. While she faced a bit of an obstacle at the beginning of the trip with what seemed like an issue with the visa, she’s been coasting ever since, from one adventure to another. Hong Kong has plenty to explore beyond the city, with open grasslands, sandy beaches, dense woodlands and so much more. And we hope that the rest of Bani J’s trip remains just as fun as it has been so far. ALSO READ: No visa-free facility for Indian travellers in Hong Kong: Discover Hong Kong with these 10 breathtaking pictures Also Read - Twitter Advices Its 5000 Global Employees to Work from Home Amid Coronavirus Fears

Bani J takes in the cool air high above the city at the Peak Tower

Here she goes shopping for curios, old and new, at the Select-18 shop

Watching the sun set at Victoria Harbour; very little else can match this experience

A radiant smile in her face as she climbs the grueling 268 steps up to the Tian Tan Buddha

And here she is, still smiling and still holding strong

Bani J keeps on going after a tough wake-boarding session in the Hk Aqua Bound Centre

Even after racing up the steps to the iconic Tian Tan Buddha and and wiping out (or so she says) at her wake-boarding session in the Hk Aqua Bound Centre, Bani has been all smiles and positivity. If that’s not a reflection of her die-hard attitude and unbreakable spirit, we don’t what is. Bani’s most recent trip before her Hong Kong excursion was also to another Eastern gem: Thailand’s paradise island of Phuket in midst of the Andaman Sea. She’s been flaunting her hard-earned physique in both destinations, giving us all fitness goals to work towards.