We all love to travel and see different places and try out new things, and on top of that we also like to keep a record of everything that we see and do. For some, travelling to a new place means just reaching there and checking out what the place has to offer, but there are others who find the place mesmerising enough to want to visit it time and again and share it with the world too.Also Read - Travel Blogger Ami Bhat Talks About Life as a Traveller And How it All Started

To share what we have seen and experienced does not come easy, but we can look for help from those who have been doing it for sometime. One such person is Ami Bhat, who has been blogging about her travels for a good number of years and writes about it under Thrilling Travel.

In this video, Ami Bhat talks to host Pankaj Nath, a traveller himself, about what all you need to do to become a successful travel blogger.

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