India has a patriarchal society since time immemorial. Even in this 21st century, usually, men enjoy the top positions in any organisation. Women are considered inferior and are blamed even when not at fault. For example, when a woman gets raped, people judge and blame her for her outfit. When she achieves a good position in a private company, she is accused of having an affair with the person who has the top authority. Basically, it is believed that women are meant to be inferior to men.

However, it is not the case everywhere in the world. At least not in the Yunnan and Sichuan provinces in China. Near the border of Tibet lies the ‘Kingdom of Women’. Sounds interesting? In the Tibetan Himalayas, the last matriarchal society in the world lives. They are known as the Mosuo population. The people of this community live at a height of 2700 m above the sea level and to reach the nearest city, they go through a six hours journey.

Due to the small population of the Mosuo community, the people belonging to it are not recognised by the Chinese Government. These people follow unique customs and guard them fiercely. In Mosuo society, marriage is not considered as a great achievement. People of this community follow ‘walking marriage tradition’. According to this, Mosuo girls have the freedom to choose their lovers. Interestingly, they can have as many lovers as they want during their lifetime.

As per the free marriage tradition, men after receiving an invitation can enter the house of women. The rooms in which the men stay are called ‘flower rooms’. During the day, men need to go back to their houses. Women can invite as many men as they wish many a time. No one is allowed to speak against this practice. If a woman gets pregnant, no one is bothered to ask about the father of the child. Also, fathers are not responsible for looking after their children. In Mosuo society, couples do not live together.