Basics of Photography:
Professional photographer Ashish Bharti, who shares his work on SnapoHolic, talks to host Pankaj Nath in this session that will help you enrich your photography skills. The sessions constitute seven videos that attempt to teach you everything about photography – right from the basics to introducing all the professional terms and skills that will help you look at an image differently from how a normal person, who’s not a photographer, will see it. Also Read - Can't Decide on a Camera? Professional Photographer Ashish Bharti Tells You How to Choose

Ashish says he’s a ‘self-taught’ photographer. In his first interactive session, he discusses a few approaches – directorial and natural – to identify the kind of photography you want to associate yourself with. Ashish further shares his personal experiences of shooting in India and abroad. Check out the entire video here: Also Read - Picture Perfect: Professional Photographer Ashish Bharti Talks About Importance of Camera Settings

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