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Mountain climbing itself is not an easy adventure. Hundreds of people around the world have worked for month and often years at a stretch in order to climb some of the toughest mountains around the world. Recently, two Indian mountaineers tried the first ascent of a frozen waterfall in India called Shela Nala in the Spiti Valley. Pranav Rawat, an apple farmer and Abhijeet Singh, an adventure photographer have been developing various skill sets for attempting an adventure sport that can be fatal. While the climb had to be planned and scheduled for a day when the temperature is right. The waterfall is over 12,500 ft above sea level and has never been attempted by anyone so far. Also Read - What to Experience in Kibber, Highest Motorable Village in The World

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One of the biggest challenges they faced was the use of new equipment, because of which hitting too hard made chunks of ice fall and on controlling the force, the tools would bounce right back making it difficult to go ahead. Once they covered a significant amount of the climb, the waterfall became dangerously narrow, so much so that the pair was contemplating on putting an end to their expedition instead of risking their lives. So these gutsy and brave mountaineers put all they had together and finally made it to the top!

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Watch this video and see how they made it to the top of something never tried before!

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