If you’re wary about shelling out a lot on a long vacation, try going away just for a weekend. It’s a wonderful alternative to big-budget trips and gives you the much needed break from the monotony of everyday life. However, it doesn’t mean that just because the travel is short and sweet it’ll be inexpensive. In order to cut down the costs, here are some flexible and creative options that you can exercise.

Avoid peak weekends

On days when everyone’s travelling, the hotel and flight rates automatically go up. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to travel during off-peak season with a little flexibility in your departure dates. That way you’ll get your break without breaking the bank.

Choose a destination you can drive to

There’s nothing more liberating that driving for hours on country roads without a care in the world. So, choose a place where you can get behind the wheel and put those skills to test. If you do not want to drive, hiring a car will be anyway cheaper than flying back and forth.

Book a flight ticket without luggage

Some airlines charge hefty check-in baggage fee, so if you must fly to your destination, pack smart and limit yourself to the maximum allowable hand or cabin luggage. Ideally, a small rolling bag has ample room for a couple of days’ worth of clothing and other important amenities.

Travel in a group

Travelling in a group is any day more economical than going solo or with just one other person. Travelling with a larger group can bring the per-person cost down drastically; especially when it comes to accommodation. You can share the cost of renting a car and fuelling up as well. Plus, a weekend trip is also a wonderful way to reconnect with old friends.