Travelers from across the world are usually apprehensive and skeptical about traveling to India. However once they’re here, a lot of them often fall in love with every aspect of the country. A bunch of travelers visited India on a 16-day trip across south India. They traveled from Bangalore to Mysore in Karnataka, Madurai, Chennai, Mahabalipuram and Pondicherry in Tamil Nadu and finally Wayanad and Kochi in Kerala. They visited temples and practised yoga. The interacted with the locals, ate some extremely spicy food and relished the number of ways bananas could be consumed. Apart from making you completely fascinated by India, especially south India, the video takes you through an experience that cannot be described in words. Here are some of the aspects of south India they perfectly capture in their video: Also Read - On Phone, PM Modi Discusses COVID-19 Situation With French President Macron

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Shore Temple  at Mahabalipuram

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Madurai Meenakshi Amman Temple

south india 4

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A priest performing aarti at a temple

south india 7

Probably the cutest fruit vendor ever!

south india 2

The complex Indian Railways

south india 5

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UNESCO Heritage sites: The mountain railway and toy trains

south india 15

Scrumptious vegetarian food served on a banana leaf

south india 6

A hot cuppa tea or coffee

south india 13

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Indian folk dance and music

south india 8

Traditional fishing techniques

south india 9

Vast tea and coffee plantations

south india 10

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The nature and wildlife

south india 11

The locals and their ways

south india 12

People from other parts of the world who have made south India home

south india 14

A getaway like no other…

south india 16

Watch this video to see how beautifully Marko Roth has frozen moments of daily mundane activities and added so much life and color to it.

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