Nature has a way to surprise us humans every once in a while. We love to embark on expeditions to unknown areas of our planet to discover new places and have memorable experiences. But sometimes, some of the lucky ones witness something so unique and unimaginable that the risk taken on these journeys seems to be totally worth it. One such incident occurred a few years ago and has resurfaced on social media in the past few days due to the sheer thrill of it. This is the story of a day in the lives of the crew of the yacht Maiken and how it became the most unforgettable day in their lives. Pictures of the incident that took place in 2006 have been going viral only now. Also Read - Centre Mulls Extending Nationwide Lockdown as COVID-19 Cases Near 5000-mark With 124 Deaths | Top Developments

In 2006, when these guys were sailing across the south Pacific, they saw something which at first looked like a shadow.

Maiken 1 - sand shadow Also Read - Coronavirus in Gujarat: 14-month-old Toddler Dies of COVID-19 in Jamnagar

As they moved ahead, they saw brown streaks looking like sand in the water.

Maiken 2 - sand close-up Also Read - New York Leads Coronavirus Death Toll With 731 Fatalties in 24 Hours

It took a while to realize that what they had passed was actually a pumice from a volcanic eruption.

Maiken 3 - passing through sand

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As they increased their speed, Maiken’s motor stopped at one point right in the middle of the sea of pumice stone.

Maiken 4 - motor

Thankfully, the wind got them through and the motor was fixed in a bit. When they were a few miles ahead, they were amazed to see a volcano erupting right at the spot they had sailed through.

Maiken 5 - volcano 1

They anchored their yacht to watch this phenomenon unfolding right before them.

Maiken 6 - land first

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The sky filled up with smoke but when it cleared, they witnessed something they couldn’t believe.

Maiken 7 - smoke

It was the birth of a brand new island!

Maiken 9 - clearer island

They couldn’t believe that they were witnessing this phenomenon for real!

Maiken 8 - island clear

They wondered whether being the first ones to watch the island being born gave them claim to this land…

Maiken 10 - island close-up

Of course, they did no such thing and opted to sail on rather than colonize 🙂