One of the most beautiful things about travel is that you get to meet absolute strangers and explore those sides of humanity that you wouldn’t if you are stuck at one place. You interact with people from different countries, following different religions, wearing different kinds of attire, speaking different languages and yet, despite being so different from you, there seems to be a strange connection with them that you cannot ignore. How often have you met a stranger on one of your trips and found it easier to bond with him or her than you do with those back home? That is one of the biggest lessons travel teaches us! No matter where you go, your human capability to love and bond makes you find new friends and share memorable experiences with them even if it is for a short duration. Also Read - AIIMS PG Entrance Exams 2020: Admit Cards Issued, Download From

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Of the several universal things that make strangers bond, perhaps the most powerful one is music. No matter where you go and what language you speak, music has the power to bring people together. It is divine in its own way and travels as effectively across borders as it dies inside our hearts and souls. This was proved when two absolute strangers met at a Paris train station a few days ago and got involved into a Piano duet. What they ended up creating is nothing short of magical! Have a look!