While the summers are quite hot in Ranthambore, they are nevertheless exciting. The best time to visit this iconic and historic town in Rajasthan is from October to June. Situated right on the border of Thar Desert, from wildlife to architectural ruins and natural beauty, there’ll be a surprise for you here every step of the way. Also Read - Unbelievable! 'Lost' River That Ran Through Thar Desert in Rajasthan 172,000 Years Ago Found

Ranthambore is kind of synonymous with the ferocious tigers; therefore, the first thing to see here is the Ranthambore National Park. You’re guaranteed to spot the big cat in their natural habitat. With the Aravalli and the Vindhya ranges forming the backdrop, the park is spectacular. Other commonly sighted species are the leopard, hyena, sambhar, jackal, deer and over 260 species of birds. Also Read - Rajasthan News: BJP Leader Beaten up by Miscreants Over Property Issue in Dholpur

To get a panoramic view of the park, climb up the Ranthambore Fort, located on hilltop. The awe-inspiring craftsmanship and interiors of the fort make it worth a visit; Hammir Court, especially, which is known for its acoustics as even a whisper made here can be heard at the far end of the structure. Also Read - How Cute is This? Sabyasachi Designs Uniforms For Underprivileged Girls of Jaisalmer School to Promote Education | See Pics

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While Padam Lake is the largest in Ranthambore, the one that truly deserves a visit is Surwal Lake. During the migratory season (November – March), birds from all parts of the world can be seen here.

If you’re interested in a Jeep Safari, take one at Kachida Valley, located on the border of Ranthambore National Park. You are more likely to see leopards, deer, wild boar and sloth bear here; owing to the domination of tigers in the inner forests.

Last but not the least, Raj Bagh Ruins, situated between Padam Talao and Raj Bagh Talao, takes you into the past with its collections of prehistoric monuments. The remains of stone structures include palace outhouses, arches and domes. The scenic beauty here is unparalleled, courtesy the surrounding thick jungles and picturesque landscapes.