Mulshi, a serene ecotourism hotspot, is an ideal destination to head to during the monsoons. Nestled amidst the majestic Sahyadris, this green paradise intrigues the adventure junkies, nature lovers, and vacationers alike. On a monsoon escapade, the lakeside view, stunning landscape and nature’s abode surrounding Mulshi is an invitation for relaxation and rejuvenation. The silence of nature, chirping of the birds and eco-friendly style of living go beyond the visual treats. Here’s what you can do on a monsoon getaway to Mulshi:

Camping at Mulshi Dam or Tamhini Ghat

Home to some of the stunning landscapes, cascading waterfalls and deep dark forests, Tamhini Ghat is an enriching experience for people who love camping. Stretching its arms from Mulshi Dam to the Orchard Café, Tamhini Ghat offers distinctive sites where adventure enthusiasts can trek and camp for the night. With stunning cocktail-coloured sunsets and sunrises, splendid natural surrounds and lush verdant greenery – it’s an adventure of a lifetime.

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Rejuvenate your senses at Atmantan

A vacation to Mulshi can become a journey of self-care and well-being with Atmantan. This wellness resort nestled on a unique crystal hill overlooking the Mulshi Lake is where you can experience wellness and retreat programs specially designed for holistic amalgamation of body, mind, and the soul. The luxury stay coupled with organic food, spa, prana healing techniques, yoga retreat, and fitness check is what makes Atmantan an experience unto itself.

Trek to Kailasgad Fort

Hidden by the clouds of western ghats, and surrounded by green lands and pastures, Kailasgad Fort is a popular trekking site at Mulshi. Trekkers and explorers are highly recommended to pack their bags and head to the fort on the top of the mountain. The view from the top is truly breath-taking.

It takes about 1 hour 40 minutes to cover a distance of 47km from Pune to Mulshi by road.