Also known as ‘Black Hill,’ Karighatta is a hill a few kilometres outside the ‘island’ town of Srirangapatna. It’s a gorgeous site overlooking the confluence of Lokapavani and Cavery rivers, perched at an altitude of 2,967 meters above the sea level. While it’s a place of great religious and spiritual significance, the scenic beauty and close proximity to nature brings hordes of travellers here from Mysore and Bangalore.

The quadrangular Karighatta Temple complex atop the Karighatta Hill is a great place for an immersive spiritual experience. Built in Dravidian style of architecture, its features are built to provide a breathtaking view of the surrounds. With lofty wooden gates guarding its entrance, the temple houses the deity of Lord Krigirivasa or Vishnu.

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You can see vast tracts of agricultural fields, orchards of citrus fruits and lush green meadows from the top of the hill. The panorama is absolutely breathtaking; the landscaped vistas stay with you long after you’ve gone. They say that during the summer season, the grass dries and turns a smoky brown, giving the illusion of the hill having turned black in colour. That’s where it acquires the name of Karighatta or ‘Black Hill.’

The place is home to stunning flora and fauna as well. Keep an eye out for the tamarind trees, the dry scrubland running along the bends of Cauvery river and lush gooseberry trees. Among the wildlife spotted here are the leopards and various species of birds and butterflies. The Sunset Point on top of the hill is a must visit; it turns a crimson red, when the sun goes down every evening.

The nearest domestic airport is in Mysore, about 24km from Srirangapatna; the nearest International airport is at Bangalore, about 126km away and the nearest railway station is in Srirangapatna which is linked by express trains to major nearby cities.