Tripuri’s capital, Agartala, is a place of immense historical and mythological importance. Situated on the banks of Howrah river, this beautiful city has a subtropical climate; it rains here nearly all year long. There’s much to see and do in Agartala, from temples to churches, monasteries and mosques. However, these are the places you absolutely must see when in Agartala.

The erstwhile royal residence of Agartala, Ujjayanta Palace is set amidst lush green Mughal Gardens and a quaint lake. There are various temples dedicated to Hindu gods and goddesses around the palace, there’s a library, darbar room, throne room, and a reception hall inside the palace. There’s a Chinese Room that attracts a lot of travellers; adorned with intricate artistry done by Chinese craftsmen. There’s a museum too with a huge collection of artefacts depicting the culture, tradition, art, and history of northeast India.

Embellished with beautiful rock carvings of Lord Shiva, Unakoti hill are found amidst lush greenery and cascading waterfalls. The most prominent feature of this hill is the 30 feet tall head of Lord Shiva, also known as the Unakoteswara Kal Bhairava.

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Sipahijola Wildlife Sanctuary is a must visit; home to an artificial lake, botanical and zoological gardens, the most interesting animal found here is the crab-consuming mongoose.

Located North of Raj Bhavan in Agartala, the Heritage Park is a natural wonder. There’s an abundance of beautiful flowers, trees and various other natural elements, the park is a haven of tranquility and quietude for those who wish for some peace. There are also miniature models of various monuments of the state, an Ayurvedic herb-garden and a fountain in this park.

One of the most loved attractions in Agartala are the Jampui hills. These hills are home to ten villages that enjoy beautiful surroundings and are known for their orange plantations that have been around since the early 1960s.