Aligarh, also known as Koil, is a must visit city in Uttar Pradesh for the discerning traveller. From rich history to incredible culture, every corner of the city tells a story. It’s a great hub of food, architecture, shopping and sightseeing – making it a traveller’s delight.

The most important attraction of Aligarh is the 16th-century Aligarh Fort. This is where most of the soldiers were stationed during the revolt of 1857; it helped that it was one of strongest forts in India surrounded by a deep moat. Located atop a hill at Barouli Marg, north of Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh Fort currently houses a primary school.

Credit must be given to Aligarh Muslim University, for putting Aligarh on the world map. Established in the 19th-century, it is one of the best Anglo-Muslim educational centres in India. Spread over 1,155 acres of land, the university is popular for its exemplary architectural finesse.

Another institute worth a visit is the Ibn Sina Academy Of Medieval Medicine And Sciences, named after Abu Ali Ibn Sina, a renowned physician of Unani medicine in medieval times. The college was founded in the year 2000, and is a must visit if you’re interested in the ancient healing traditions of Unani Medicine.

For those who want to shop in Aligarh, don’t leave without buying the famous locks. Considered to be the finest quality locks available in Indian and international markets, these locks come in myriad shapes, sizes, and designs. The antique and ornate variety may be a little expensive, but totally worth the money. Also, Aligarh’s silver jewellery are known for their natural sheen and radiance. You could invest in a ready-made piece or get something made-to-order. For those looking to decorate the interiors of their home, the brass hardware available in the bylanes of Aligarh are of superior quality.