A major princely state of the Nizam’s during the pre-Independence era, Medak today is a nondescript town in Telangana known for its rich history and culture. From great architectural marvels to festivities such as Bathukamma – a floral festival, it offers all that and more to transport the traveller into the bygone era.

One of the primary attractions of Medak is the Medak Fort, built by Pratapa Rudra, a Kakatiya emperor in the 12th-century. With three main entrances adorned with different sculptures, they reflect a blend of Hindu and Islamic style of architecture. Located on a hillock, the fort houses a 3.2 metres long canon known to be built by the Qutub Shahi rulers as well as a gorgeous mosque.

Even the Medak Cathedral is a must-visit, especially because it is known to be one of the largest churches in India. The compound is also home to the Diocese of Medak, a district under the pastoral care of the Bishop of the Church. The church is built in a Gothic style of architecture with a bell tower over 175 feet high and stained glasses that narrate the events in Christ’s life.

For those who wish to explore the wildlife in Medak, Pocharam Wildlife Sanctuary near Pocharam Lake is where you can spot a huge variety of flora and fauna. Great for bird spotting, the Pocharam Reservoir attracts birds like the painted stork, bar-headed goose and brahminy duck. Among the animals you can spot the sambar, nilgai, leopard, forest cat, sloth bear, wild dog, wolf and jackal. For a more immersive experience you can combine your trip with a visit to the Narsapur Forest and Manjira Wildlife Sanctuary.

For the history buffs, the Archaeological Museum is a great place to explore. The museum houses a huge collection of antiquities from the 20th-century mostly belonging to the Satavahana Dynasty.