While most airlines offer food to the travellers, it’s always a good idea to have some of your own food on you. You can stuff snacks in your carry-on; they come in handy at the most unexpected of times. However, there are certain things that are a complete no-no, because of the inconvenience they cause in general and to the other passengers. Here are the food items that you must avoid and the ones you must carry on a flight with you: Also Read - Essentials Every Camper Must Have While Being Out In The Wild

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What’s an Indian traveller if your packing list doesn’t include some tangy and spicy munchies such as chaklis and khakhras. However, they don’t pack a lot of nutrients in them, so if you’re looking for healthier options, carry some granola bars or dried nuts and seeds as well. Also Read - Important Tips to Remember While High Altitude Hiking in India

Avoid foods that have a strong odour

Foods such as biryani, pickles, curries have a strong odour; they may be appetising to you but your co-passenger might think otherwise. So to save yourself from side-glances and overall inconvenience in eating them, avoid these foods completely. Instead, pack yourself a nice sandwich or roll, and eat them hassle-free on the go.

Stock up with foreign foods on a layover

If you have a lay-over, make sure you make the best use of time by scouting for local snacks that you may never get to taste otherwise. It could be a bakery item, or chocolates, or packaged wafers and chips. Give them a chance and re-stock your snacks bag with a handful of them.

Avoid foods that are not allowed in the country you’re visiting

A lot of countries, such as the USA, have strict rules against bringing in fresh fruits and vegetables from outside the country. Similarly, there are rules against meat and dairy products as well. That’s because they often harm the local biodiversity and ecosystem. So, check all the rules for the new country before you leave home.