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Arunima Sinha is a woman who has nerves of steel and the grit and determination that can’t be broken. Arunima is the first female amputee who climbed Mount Everest and planted the Indian Flag on the world’s highest peak in 2013. And she achieved another remarkable feat after she successfully scaled Carstensz Pyramid or Puncak Jaya in Indonesia on July 8 this year.  Also Read - Groom Wears Nothing But a Pair of Shorts on Wedding Day, Bride Reveals The Reason Why | See Pics

Her heart-wrenching story of being thrown out of a train, getting her leg crushed and then beating all odds to climb Mt Everest is something that needs to be shared with every Indian. She is an inspiration to several women across the world and epitomizes courage, strength and will power that cannot be crushed no matter what! Also Read - Massive Flame Erupts From Oil Refinery in Indonesia; Nearly 1,000 People Evacuated

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On July 8, 2016, at 10.45 am, Arunima Sinha was on top of the peak of the Carstensz Pyramid, the highest mountain peak in Indonesia. She flagged the tricolor making all Indians proud and thanked all her well-wishers and guide Abhi for this achievement. It might not be as high as climbing Mt Everest but Arunima’s recent summit is a moment of pride and triumph for all of us. Her Facebook photos at Carstensz Pyramid are enough to make our day and give us the motivation we need. 

For those who don’t know much about the Carstensz Pyramid or Puncak Jaya, it is the highest peak in Indonesia, standing tall at 4884 meters. Dutch explorer Jan Carstenszoon sighted the peaks first in 1623 but in 1963, its name changed to Puncak Jaya. Puncak means mountain or peak and Jaya means victory. Until 2005, the mountain range was closed for tourists and people required special government permits to access it. However, now several tourism agencies offer adventure tours to Carstensz Pyramid.

Photographs courtesy: Facebook/Arunima Sinha