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Remember Matt Harding? Well, of course you do! Who can forget the cute traveler taking the world by storm with his goofy dance moves. For over a decade, Matt Harding has been traveling the globe and posting videos from his exotic destinations. What makes him stand out though is his signature dance routine that he breaks into wherever he goes. And he is not alone. He gets the locals to join him in his fun dance moves. The result – a happy video postcard of beautiful travel destinations with happy faces of locals and Matt himself. It all started by chance when Matt’s friend suggested that he record his goofy dance on a Singapore trip and upload it on Youtube. The video, as we now know, went viral turning his backpacker budget into a corporate sponsored round-the-world trip. (ALSO SEE Want to learn the happy traveler’s dance which the world is grooving to?) Also Read - Delhi Police Detains Over 3,000 Violators of COVID-19 Lockdown, Then Lets Them Off With Warning

Matt 2

Matt’s previous videos from tens of places across the world have made him a legend. Some of his videos have over 50 million views! However, after his video in 2012, Matt disappeared from the travel scene for a while. Earlier this year, we told you about Matt’s plans to travel with world without corporate support. And just as we were beginning to wonder where the heck Matt really is, he has treated us with this new video. And believe us, it is as legendary as all his other videos. There is even a lovely surprise at the end. Have a look!

Way to go Matt! Wherever the heck you go, we want to know! Keep grooving Sir!

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