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Ladakh is the mecca for riders in India. Every biker dreams of making at least one trip to this spectacular destination with rugged mountains, clear blue skies and astonishing lakes and valleys. While you can ride down to Ladakh from any city you like, it is best to rent a bike from Manali, Srinagar or the city of Leh itself. (DO SEE 10 spellbinding monasteries in Ladakh that will take your breath away!) Depending upon the model you choose, it can cost anything between Rs 800 to Rs 1600 a day. Here is everything you need to know about these three options: Also Read - India, China Ready to Resolve Border Standoff? Here's What to Expect From Key Military Level Talks Today

1. Rent a bike in Manali

Since the past couple of years, the bike rental union has become very strict about non-Ladakh rented vehicles touring the region. Any bikes rented outside the Leh region are prohibited for sightseeing except for trips to Tso Moriri and Tso Kar lakes which can be done on the Leh-Manali route. So, if you rent a bike from Manali, you will need to park your bike in Leh and then rent another local Leh bike to roam around. If you produce the rent bill for your Leh bike to your Manali rental service, they will charge you 50% of your daily rent for the number of days your Manali bike was parked in Leh (as you would be using the Leh bike for those many days). (ALSO SEE This video of Royal Enfield Himalayan against stunning Ladakh landscapes will take your breath away!) There are several tour operators as well as mechanics who provide bikes on rent. It is best to visit them personally and pick the bike you like. Also Read - There Was no Discussion on China in Virtual Summit Between India And Australia: MEA

2. Rent a bike in Srinagar


Another beautiful route to ride on is the Srinagar-Leh highway. So if you chose this route instead of the Manali-Leh route, then you would need to rent a bike in Srinagar. The procedure for bikes rented in Srinagar is the same as for bikes rented in Manali.

3. Rent a bike in Leh

This is perhaps the most economical option for renting a bike on your Ladakh trip. Since outside vehicles are not allowed for sightseeing in the Leh-Ladah region, you can directly rent a bike in Leh. One good place with many shops is the Fort road. You can choose from several options and pick the shop and bike that suits you best.

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Alternatively, you can also rent bikes in Chandigarh or Delhi but that would mean a very long ride and more number of travel days.

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