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It’s that time of the year again. The peak season for Goa tourism is underway and most of the amazing restaurants and cafes which remain shut during the off-season are now opening. While Goa is really an all-year destination, several beach shacks and restaurants choose to stay closed during the monsoon. As a result, several travelers anxiously wait for the season to begin so that they can indulge in their preferred delicacies at their favorite restaurants and cafes. One such cafe which has its share of fans is Cafe Mango Shade in Anjuna. It has reopened for the season just a couple of days ago and we are simply delighted. (ALSO SEE What to do in Goa: Here’s a 3 days-3 nights itinerary!) Also Read - Unlock 1 in Goa: Hand Sanitisers For Domestic Helps, Vigilance Team Inside Office Premises: Here's List of Guidelines For Housing Societies, Educational Institutions And Offices

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Located right next to the fantastic Roadhouse hostel and German bakery in Anjuna, Mango Shade is a quaint cafe which serves the most delicious yet healthy food you will have in Goa. Its menu consists of a wide variety of sandwiches, omelettes, burgers and juices. The Avocado toast here is a must-try. Also, the mango shake is perhaps the best you will taste anywhere in Goa. (No surprises there, given the name of the cafe is Mango Shade!)


Mango Shade is frequented by backpackers staying at the Roadhouse hostel, which in itself is one of the most chilled-out places to stay in Goa and an excellent hub to meet other travelers. The pleasant ambiance at Mango Shade and the delicious items on its menu make it one of the finest breakfast spots in all of North Goa. It serves as the perfect place to relax, have a scrumptious meal, and start your day on a healthy, energetic and positive note. And it is quite easy on your pocket too!

So, next time you are in Goa, do yourself a favor and give Mango Shade a try. Thank us later.


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