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Holi, the festival of colors is just around the corner. Celebrated every year in the Hindu month of Phalgun according to the lunar calendar, this festival is one of the biggest Indian festivals. It usually falls in the month of March and this year, it is on March 24. The festival is celebrated on a large scale and is such as craze that many foreigners visit India during this time to experience the revelry. In fact, many other countries apart from India too celebrate the festival of colors. Playing Holi is surely fun but there is a reason why this festival is celebrated. Here is the significance of Holi. Also Read - Watch LIVE: PM Modi Attends Online Summit With Australian PM Scott Morrison

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The festival is divided into two days, Chhoti Holi which falls a day before Holi and Rangwali Holi when you play with colors. In Chhoti Holi, a bonfire is lit in the evening which signifies the triumph of good over evil. It is also called Holika Dahan and people also pray to the fire god and seek its blessings. (ALSO READ Holika Dahan date and puja timing)

The significance of playing with colors are aplenty. While one is to welcome Spring, the other is to strengthen bonds with your loved ones by engaging in lots of fun, applying colored powder, greeting each other and eating good food. Foes become friends and people forgive and forget past mistakes on Holi. It is believed that Holi is the best day to seek forgiveness from someone and start afresh.

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There are many traditions followed in different parts of the country. In Braj regions, Holi is an even bigger affair because it is a celebration of love. The birthplace of Lord Krishna, the celebrations begin a fortnight before the actual festival. Bhaang which is an intoxicating drink made from cannabis, is consumed by one and all during this time. People drink, dance and make merry to commemorate this festival and celebrate the bond between Krishna and Radha.

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Over the years, many people have stopped playing Holi with water due to its shortage and have started using eco-friendly colors. Many poetry sessions or Kavi Sammelan programs also take place in the evening after playing Holi. Many people also visit each others place and enjoy a feast.

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