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PM Narendra Modi’s pet project Make In India is creating a rage in the tech world with the launch of the world’s cheapest smartphone, Freedom 251. Launched by the company Ringing Bells, this smartphone promises a whole lot of cool specs such as Android Lollipop 5.1 operating system, 8 GB of internal memory, 3G connectivity and a front and rear camera of 3 and 3.2 MP respectively (perfect for selfies!). But the best part is that it costs only Rs 251. Now this is something anyone wouldn’t mind shelling out for a smartphone but we think it is a great deal especially for travelers and should definitely be on your list of travel accessories to buy. Here’s why. Also Read - Ramayan's Sita Aka Dipika Chikhlia Reveals Her Real Love Story With Hubby Hemant, Says 'We Found Our Life Partner'

Even if you are on a shoestring budget, you can manage to keep aside Rs 251 for this phone which you can make use of for browsing maps, clicking photos, sharing them with the world on-the-go and also using it to keep in touch with your loved ones (the primary use of any phone). And if in case someone flicks it on your travels, you perhaps may not moan about it for too long because you haven’t broken your bank to buy it. Also Read - Man Accidentally Masturbates In Front of His Colleagues During a Zoom Call, Video Goes Viral

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Apart from using it for these purposes, you can install useful apps on your smartphone that will come in handy during your travel in India. One such app is the Gottago app that helps you find the nearest clean restroom as per your location. Considering that the sanitation standards of the country aren’t one of the best, this handy app is a must for every traveler.

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Another good reason to have the Freedom 251 smartphone with you while traveling is because it comes pre-installed with women’s safety apps that can again be useful especially if you are a solo woman traveler and love to take the road less traveled.  Being safe than sorry and letting your loved ones know your whereabouts in case of any danger never hurts.

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Traveling light is always recommended and this smartphone can help reduce one item from your travel essentials – a portable charger because it boasts of a long battery life. So chances are, you can use it for the whole day once it is fully charged. Isn’t that great?

Know someone who’s taking a trip any time soon? Gift them this phone by booking it now as it will take about four months to be delivered. And if you think it is not too suitable as a gift and you’d rather buy one for yourself, you could also choose from these 10 travel accessories that make for the perfect gift. 

And if you still aren’t convinced about it, let us remind you it costs only Rs 251.