There’s nothing worse than going off on an amazing holiday only to worry about lost luggage or luggage stuck at an airport. While you can’t control unfortunate mishaps, there’s definitely precautions that you can take. Travel insurance is an indispensable part of planning a national and an international trip; one that you regret not taking when things start to go awry.

It covers large expenses in case of medical emergencies

You never know where or how you may fall sick. Get a travel insurance so that everything from injuries to hospitalisation or even surgeries is covered. You will lose a huge chunk of money if you don’t have a travel insurance on you incase of a medical emergency. Better yet, they even cover injuries incurred due to leisure sport activities such as skiing or scuba diving.

Assistance and support in all kinds of travel emergencies

Apart from medical cover, a travel insurance also comes handy incase of unforeseen emergencies at the airport, including being stranded due to bad weather conditions. If you have an insurance, it covers your food, stay and even stolen or misplaced luggage. Other things that a travel insurance covers are losses incurred due to unforeseen cancellation or having to cut your trip short, or death and disability.

Travel insurance is economical

While the cost of a travel insurance usually depends on the country you are visiting, it is generally quite economical and can be purchased starting from a minimum of INR 350. However, if you wish to buy one in the middle of your trip from the country you’re in, it’ll be a little more expensive there. You can now-a-days also buy travel insurance online in a matter of minutes before you start your trip. It’s highly recommended that you make sure you get a good cover, especially in case of medical emergencies, taking factors such as your age and medical conditions into consideration.