Amur Falcon drew the world’s attention to Pangti Village under Wokha district where about a million raptors stopover for two months (October-November) during their 22,000-km-long yearly flights between Russia, China, and Africa. Ornithologists have often described Pangti’s yearly visit by raptors as ‘by far the largest and most spectacular roost of any species of Falcon ever seen anywhere in the world’. It has earned Nagaland the moniker–the falcon capital of the world. Also Read - Have You Ever Visited Nagaland's Famous Hornbill Festival? No Worries, This Year You Can Attend It Virtually

Amur Falcons are small but a long distant migrant bird of prey that breeds in eastern Russia and China, and annually flies around 22,000km all the way across Asia, over the Indian Ocean to wintering grounds in Southern Africa. As per the Tamenglong Forest Division, the first batch of the migratory birds, locally known as ‘Akhuaipuina’, were spotted by locals on October 9. Also Read - With Dream of 'Rape-Free' India, Nagaland Citizens Begin Campaign to Offer Women Free Rides at Night

In the year 2018, a community-led conservative initiative was taken to protect the falcons which were hunted by the locals once. The fate of Amur Falcons in Nagaland changed from being hunted to protected largely due to efforts of conservationists, the state wildlife department, NGOs, and Pangti village since 2013. A 26-minute documentary- The Pangati Story is also made which shows the transition of an entire village from hunting and slaughtering the world’s longest travelling migratory birds to saving them. It is indeed an awe-inspiring moment, sighting the gorgeous raptors visiting Nagaland. Also Read - Fascinating Story of Nagaland's Khonoma Village That Shifted From Being a Popular Hunting Spot to Becoming Asia's First Green Village

If you want to spot it too, you too can visit the village. Nagaland is truly a fascinating land that needs to be explored. It is a colourful state of impeccable culture and traditions. Check out places to visit in Nagaland:

1. Dimapur: Dimapur is the entry point of the state. It boasts excellent roads and scenic landscapes. If you love history, then you can explore many places here. Nichuguard Village, Kuki Dolong Village, Chumukedima, Seithekima Village, and Medziphema are some of the places that are known for their spectacular landscape beauty.

2. Kohima: It is the most gorgeous city of Nagaland and also the capital city. This city is a commercial hub but also offers great nature sightings for nature lovers.

3. Mokukchung: It is known as the most beautiful and lively city in Nagaland. The city is known for its rich culture, traditions, and festivals.

4. Mon: This city is a fascinating land and has the finest harvest in the state. If you happen to visit Mon in the month of April, you have a good opportunity to witness the lively harvest festival of Konyak Nagas called Aoleang Monyu Festival.

5. Wokha: This city is known as a spectacular gift to Nagaland. It has colourful orchards, carpeted with multi-hued flowers and fringed by hills and river, Wokha is a nature lovers’ paradise.