We often hear about mysterious phenomenons in our country, but none comes as close to the anti-gravity hill in Tulsishyam in Gujarat. This place is strangely absolved from the effects of gravitational force. You know it’s true when your vehicle starts moving uphill on its own, even when its on neutral and without the use of handbrakes.

Located in between Amreli district and Junagadh district, and sharing its border with Gir Forest National Park, Tulsishyam is famous for its 3,000-year-old Krishna Temple that houses a hot water spring known for its healing powers. However, everything in Tulsishyam looks ordinary, except for the ‘anti-gravity hill.’

In reality, it’s not really the crooked vortexes in Earth’s gravitational field that causes the phenomenon; rather it’s an optical illusion occurring due to the structure of land on either side of the road. Though it looks like everything including the cars are rolling up hill; in reality they are only sloping downward, the way they should be. The horizon and the surrounding vistas trick the brain into assuming the slope as uphill. Which is why, you constantly feel like everything is being pulled upward.

The locals living in this area are quite superstitious, and harbour the belief that this phenomenon is actually a supernatural occurrence. An interaction with them will reveal that they think of it as a gateway to heaven. Another place in India where you can have a similar experience is the Magnetic Hills in Leh.

The concept of anti-gravity also exists in other parts of the world such as Electric Bae in Scotland, Gravity Hill Washington, Confusion Hill in California and the Gansu in China.