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Drinking wine is an art! Everything about this drink is classy and elegant and therefore it is vital that you know the right etiquette of selecting the right wine glass, hold the glass the right way and also taste it the way to be supposed to be done. And yes, there are set ways to do all of these. Obviously, the right person to teach you all of it is a professional winemaker. We recently went to Fratelli Vineyards in Maharashtra where we not just checked out the vast 340-acre vineyards and saw how grapes are turned into wine in the winery, we also chatted with Assistant Winemaker Vrushal Kedari. He answered all our questions about wine and also taught us a few basic wine-drinking etiquette. We share with you a few of his teachings about wine in these short tutorial videos. Take a look at these and enjoy the drink as it is meant to be had. ALSO SEE 6 vineyards in India for wine lovers Also Read - Air India to Open International Booking For These 7 Places Tomorrow at 5 PM | Check List

How to choose the right wine glass for different wines

Just like there are different types of wine, there are wine glasses of different shapes and they are different for a reason. When serving wine, you need to know which one to use for the type of wine you are serving. This video shows you how to choose the right wine glass for the type of wine you are serving. Broadly, there are four types of wines: red, white, sparkling and rose. Wine glasses too come in different shapes like a goblet, regular wine glass and a flute glass. Watch this video to learn which glass is meant for which type of wine. Also Read - Ratan Tata Calls Death of Pregnant Elephant in Kerala a 'Mediated Murder', Says 'Justice Needs to Prevail'

How to hold different wine glasses

Just like there are different wine glasses, there are different ways to hold them too. When you are at a social party and you opt to drink wine, make sure you hold the glass the right way. This etiquette is not just for show but has a logical reason behind it too. The red wine glass is broader and is held from the bowl because you want the wine to be warm and holding it this way will help pass your palm’s body heat to the wine glass. On the other hand, white and rose wine glasses are held from the stem or the foot so that they stay chilled and no body heat is passed on. The sparkling wine glass is held from the stem usually as it is had during celebrations and clinked or raised for a toast.

How to taste wine

Wine-tasting is a fancy process that is divided into a number of steps. And again, there is a reason to all the steps. Right from sniffing it, swirling the glass and then tasting it by rotating it in your mouth, each step is to understand how good the wine is and its real aroma and flavors. If you want to learn the art of tasting wine, here is a video with a step-by-step guide to do so.

Now that you know the basics of wine, also learn how to pair it well with food. Different cuisines go with different wines. READ How to pair the right food with the right wine. And if you love wine, read our review of Fratelli Vineyards and plan a trip soon.


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