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When winter arrives, it’s greeted with a mixed reception. Those who have been carping about the heat, heave a sigh of relief with the onset of winter; whereas some look on warily as each day gets colder. To battle the winter, many brave-hearts are up-in-arms, attempting to fortify themselves and their homes; their weapons being warm & fluffy blankets, heaters, woolen attire, a nice fireplace, warm & hearty food & drink, bonfires, blocking every nook & cranny of their homes to prevent the chilly air from creeping in, & good company. Many want to celebrate the winters by heading to colder regions, & of course there are those that flee the scene of battle, by enjoying a lengthy vacation in warmer locales. However, all is not lost. For those who have wittingly or unwittingly fallen headlong into the world of consumerism, winter creates an opportune juncture to brag about their individual style statements & go berserk shopping for the latest winter trends & collections. Also Read - Air Quality Remains in 'Poor' Category in NCR Cities

The best time to visit Delhi is mostly in the winters when one is nicely bundled up & ready to explore all that Delhi has to offer. If one of your agendas is to go on a manic shopping spree on a lean budget then some of these places are a must-visit. Also Read - 2 Lakh Ola, Uber Drivers Go on Strike in Delhi-NCR, Commuters Especially IIT-Jee Aspirants to Face Problems

1. Lajpat Nagar Market:


Lajpat Nagar Market is located in the south of Delhi. It’s easily accessible via the metro and one can hitch a ride on a cycle rickshaw (since the streets are narrow and congested) which would cost you Rs. 20-30 from the Lajpat Nagar metro station. It is crammed with stalls & stores selling all kinds of wares, be it ethnic & western clothing, to footwear, electronics, home décor, et al. In the winters, you will get extremely good bargains on quilts with beautiful prints, sweaters & shawls & everything that pertains to winter. Exploring this market will take you hours at a stretch but it is well worth the time and energy spent on procuring the latest fashions at reasonable prices. Don’t forget to try Dolma Aunty’s warm & delicious momos, which will satiate your appetite while bargain hunting.

2. Sarojini Nagar Market:


Sarojini Nagar Market is also situated in south Delhi. The nearest metro station is INA. Once you get off, you can catch an auto or a cycle rickshaw. Ensure you have comfortable shoes on, because this is one market that will keep you engrossed for an entire day. Women can find the latest trends in winter clothing and can get chic coats for a bargain. There are numerous shops selling accessories, footwear and other miscellaneous items. In Sarojini, you will need keen powers of observation and an immense amount of patience to comb through the entire place in order to walk away with bagfuls of clothes! To ward off the cold, why not gorge on some delicious pakodas at Khandani Pakodewala along with some garam chai?

3. GK M Block Market:


Once again the latest trends in winter can be bought at reasonable prices at the Greater Kailash M Block market. You also get extremely good imitations of brands such as Vero Moda here. There are also very good places to eat here & while taking a break from all the shopping, one gets an array of restaurants from high-end ones such as Diva by chef Ritu Dalmia or one can try Himalayan cuisine at Yeti. For those looking for reasonably priced but scrummy food, there is The Kathis where you’ll get some good rolls.

4. Janpath:


Janpath is located a stone’s throw from Connaught Place and is yet another bargain hunter’s paradise. The clothes one finds here are hip and along with it you will find some funky woolen plaid shirts for men and women as well as coats, sweaters, boots and other accessories. One can also find some funky home décor which includes furniture. A good place to eat here is at De Paul’s where one can choose from momos, sandwiches, and their in-house coffee.

5. Majnu Ka Tilla:


Majnu Ka Tilla is located in north Delhi. Though it’s a tad far, your visit will be well worth it. This place houses the New Tibetan Colony and is home to many Tibetans. This place is delightful, with its numerous winding lanes, teaming with tiny stalls and restaurants. Smells of food and incense fill the air; while one hear many CDs’ churning out Tibetan music and chants. You will find modern apparels, beautiful shawls & sweaters made out of Yak wool in traditional prints and designs. If one loves cooking then, there are a variety of ingredients such as noodles, sauces, mushrooms & other unique items. Even Pak choy (Chinese cabbage) is available at Rs.20-30 for a whole kilo! Then there are traditional prayer flags and Thangka paintings and other decorative items, incense, a herbal medicine store, as well as amulets and charms. Eating out is not an issue as each place is almost as good as the other. One can try the Ama restaurant or the Drepung Loselling restaurant.

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