Beas Kund is a revered lake in the Kullu Valley of Himachal Pradesh- and one that makes for one of the best treks in India. This is where river Beas originated at an altitude of 3,650 meters. Beas Kund Trek starts from Solang Nallah – a popular destination in Manali for skiing and paragliding. As you undertake the trek, mesmerising meadows such as Dhundi and Bakarthach will be a part of your trail. You will also cross majestic peaks such as the Hanuman Tibba, Friendship Peak, Shitidhar, and Seven Sisters on your way. Last but not the least, when you cross the Beas Kund Glacier, remember to pluck wild strawberries and mushrooms and watch the herds of sheep and goats grazing. Also Read - Schools in Himachal Pradesh to Reopen From Feb 1, Face Mask Must For Students | Guidelines Here  

This trek is a perfect choice for beginners because of its short duration and easy difficulty level. Another reason why it’s so popular is because the trail offers several breathtaking sites that are ideal for nature photography. Apart from the scenic beauty; the trek also presents an opportunity to interact with the inhabitants of picturesque villages such as Goshal, Sannag and Burua. And of course, what can beat the thrill of camping under the open sky after an arduous day of trek. Also Read - Viral Leopard Video From Himachal Captures 'Human Behaviour'

The trek begins at Manali, and the nearest airport is at Bhuntar Town (about 50km from Manali and 10km from Kullu town). Indian airlines have regular flights to the airport. The nearest international airport from Manali is at Chandigarh.

It’s usually a 5-6 day trek from Manali to the Beas Kund. After you’ve acclimatized  to the weather, take a drive to Solang Nallah and from there trek to Dhundi. Camp for overnight stay at Dhundi. The next day, a 3 hour trek will take you to Bakarthach, where you will eat dinner and again get ready for an overnight stay in the camp. The day after, a 5 hour trek from here will take you to Beas Kund. After spending some time here, you will trek back to the camp. Overight stay at the camp at Bakarthach. It’s the same route on your way down till you reach Manali.