Wisteria tunnel in Japan

Wisteria tunnel in Japan

This world is full of stunning natural wonders that can take your breath away. From amazing mammoth mountains to marvelous lagoons and deep valleys to gushing rivers, there are several natural wonders on our planet that can knock your socks off. These include some lovely gardens and parks that make for rejuvenating picnic spots. There are some amazing tree tunnels across the world that are simply mesmerizing. One such tree tunnel is the Wisteria tree tunnel in Japan’s Kawachi Fuji Garden. (ALSO SEE 12 mind-blowing landscapes you won’t believe aren’t photoshopped) Here are some beautiful photos and interesting facts about Wisteria Tunnel in Kawachi Fuji Garden. Also Read - COVID-19 pandemic: Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe Lifts State of Emergency

Located in the city of Kitakyushu, the Kawachi Fuji garden is famous all over the world for its pastel blanket of wisteria trees that form a tunnel. The Kawachi Fuji garden has 150 Wisteria flowering plants spanning 20 different species. The colors of these plants range from white, blue, and purple to violet-blue and pink. A 15-minute walk in the park gets you to the stunning flower tunnel. Also Read - Japan Lifts COVID-19 State of Emergency For 3 Prefectures

Ceiling of Wisteria tunnel in Japan

Ceiling of Wisteria tunnel in Japan

Since the garden is private, you need to pay an entry fee to get inside. The entry fee ranges from 100-300 yen depending upon the bloom. The garden timings are 8 am to 6 pm. Also Read - Gamer Grandma: Meet Hamako Mari, 90-Year-Old Japanese Woman With Guinness Record For Being Oldest Gaming YouTuber

Trees in Wisteria

Wisteria flowering plants

The best time to visit the Wisteria tree tunnel is between end-April to mid-May. This is when the flowers are in full bloom. The extent of bloom varies every year depending upon the weather for that particular year. A festival called the Wisteria festival is held here at the end of the Golden week. It is usually held on April 27-29.

Wisteria tunnel main

Wisteria tunnel in all its glory

So, if you are planning to visit Japan, you must take a trip to this wonderful tree tunnel. If you take the Nozomi high speed from Tokyo, you can reach the Wisteria tree tunnel in just 5 hours.

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