The list of air travel do’s and don’ts is pretty short. Avoid carrying sharp items or other restricted objects in your hand baggage, check in 45 minutes before boarding, and do not chuck coins into the airplane engines. Unfortunately, a woman flying from Shanghai to Guangzhou in China missed the last one. In what must have been a well-meaning act of good look, the passenger decided to throw coins at the engine. She was thankfully spotted by another passenger, who alerted the authorities. ALSO READ: Monsoon 2017 in India: Here’s when it will start raining heavily in India this year Also Read - Plane Forced to Turn Around After Man Falsely Claims to Have Coronavirus, Arrested

The flight, of course, was delayed. The 150-odd passengers disembarked from the plane while ground staff searched inside the engine for the coins. Thankfully, eight of the nine coins missed. But one of them was lodged in. The crew were able to get all the coins out, possibly averting foreign object damage in the engine. Today’s aircraft have engines that are designed and tested against such possibilities, but they can still lose power and cause some damage, risking the lives of everyone on board. Also Read - All Monday Flights Out of Hong Kong Cancelled Due to Protests

The incident happened on flight CZ380 of China Southern Airlines at the tarmac of the Shanghai Pudong International Airport. The 80-year-old passenger was detained by the authorities for a while. The police confirmed that the elderly woman did indeed throw the coins for good luck. The plane eventually took off after a delay of over five hours.

Throwing coins for good luck has been something that people have doing for countless centuries across the world. Europe, in particular, has a number of wishing wells and fountains where people chuck in their coins along with their prayers. The Trevi Fountain in Rome is one of the more famous examples of a wishing fountain today, but this idea is widespread. India has its own traditions, some of which involve tying threads around sacred spots. So the next time you board your flight here, just check for anyone tying a sacred thread around the engine for a safe journey. NOW READ: Best online hotel booking sites in India

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