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Women’s Day is right around the corner and if you haven’t decided how you want to treat yourself to something fun we are here to help. To be honest, a shopping spree, nice dinner or a day at the spa is kinda done to death and there are way too many chances of bumping into somebody you know, who’d be more than happy to invade your ‘me time’. So fear not, we’ve got it figured. All you need is a break from your city and you’ll be good to go. And what better place can pick but Goa? Also Read - Indian Railways News: Special Train From Delhi Won't Halt in This State From Today - Details Here

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Goa is everything you’d want from a vacation destination and a lot more. The country’s most popular party hub is a getaway from the mundane and monotonous lives that we bet you need a break from. It’ll welcome you with a breezy hug, loads of scrumptious food and the liberty of not having to give a damn. (ALSO READ March is the best time of the year to visit Goa). But if you’re not yet convinced yet to take off to Goa, here are our five reasons why every solo woman traveler should visit this beach destination.

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1. You won’t need a bodyguard

A solo woman traveling in India is anomaly and you are bound to receive more than your share of stares wherever you go. But not in Goa. In Goa, you just ride off on your bike without giving a damn about what you’re wearing. No matter what time of the day it is, Goa is mostly safe for women. Beaches, restaurants, cafes, shacks or clubs are open and crowded through the night, even during the off season. You probably won’t need your pepper spray here (though it never hurts to carry one). Baga beach in north Goa and its famous Baga lane is one of the places in Goa that never sleep. In south Goa, Palolem is the beach to go to!

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2. You will meet several solo travelers, just like you!

Your first solo trip can be quite difficult. Even if you are not a people’s person, even if you are dying for that ‘me-time’, even if the reason you’ve taken that trip is because you don’t want to interact with another living soul… chances are you will find yourself opening up to someone; that is Goa for you. The moment you cross the border and step into the state, you are at ease. Goa attracts several solo travelers like yourself and there is a very, very good chance you will find yourself gravitating towards them, consciously or unconsciously. Don’t stop yourself; don’t resist. Give in and strike a conversation. You may just make a friend for life!A lot of budget hostels like The Prison and Road House Hostel are not just some of the best places for budget travelers but also perfect venues to get to know travelers such as yourself.

3. The party never stops


Let your hair down, girl! Don’t hesitate! That part animal is waiting to be unleashed and why not! Goa isn’t known for the grand parties it throws for nothing. Most clubs allow solo girls along with some complimentary drinks too. From beach parties at Anjuna, the Silent Noise, or the popular ones like LPK and Club Cabana, Goa has one too many options for you to pick from.

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4. Get to know yourself better

If you’d rather give the party scene in Goa a miss, you could do a lot more than just relax at the beach. Enrol in some  yoga, try adveture sports, cooking, pottery and what not. Like we say it, Goa gives you everything you expect of it and a lot more. If there’s one place in India apart fromy our home where you could guzzle a pint of beer and hog on some seafood while reading a book may be, it’s Goa.

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This one’s our favorite! Whether it’s what you eat, drink or wear, Goa lets you be yourself in the truest form, without being judgemental or intrusive about it. Ride a bike if you want to, eat like there’s no tomorrow or just sleep all day, all you need to remember to do is to have a helluva time.

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