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India is a place which is vast with so much to explore. From the mighty mountains to the soothing sea, from the hot desert to the wettest place on earth, our country has every type of terrain which makes it wonderful and unique. While nature has been kind, blessing us with all kinds of flora, fauna and wonders, man has been not-so-kind on the fairer sex. Every day we hear new cases of rape, molestation and mugging that send out a message to women — to stay indoors to stay safe. Also Read - Rajasthan News: Shops, Parlours to Open in State, Govt Offices to Function in Full Strength From June 1

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But women today aren’t sitting back at home in fear of being attacked. We are very much out there exploring new destinations, taking the road less traveled, going on solo adventures and meeting new people on the way some good, some scary, some plain weird and some sensible.

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Whatever be the case, we’ve all had our fair share of moments of doubt and distress whether on a flight, a train journey or while backpacking in a remote village. Our country may be full of beautiful sights but it is the people who make our travels a memorable one or an ugly experience that we’d never want to relive. Have you had something like this before? Has it put you off completely or do you prefer traveling alone, come what may? This Women’s Day, we ask women travelers to tell us if they feel safe traveling alone in India. Take our poll and share your thoughts with us.

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