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Today is World Environment Day. It is a day to stand u and take notice of the fact that our environment needs protecting – mostly from us. It is the UN’s effort to spread awareness about environment protection. Over the years, modernization and urbanization has taken a toll on the environment but that has made it worse is human negligence. It is therefore important that we, as responsible citizens and travellers, learn how to respect our surroundings and do everything we can to save our environment. And in this, we have a lot to learn from Bhutan. Also Read - China Continues Construction Along Indo-Tibet Border; Crosses India's Red Lines Drawn During Doklam Standoff

To celebrate World Environment Day 2018, Bhutan is celebrating Pedestrians’ Day. This means that all the core town areas of the country will be closed for traffic. The traffic division of the Royal Bhutan police has issued a notification saying that main traffic routes such as Chang-Lam and Norzin-Lam will be closed for traffic from 8 a.m. till 5 p.m. As one might expect, emergency vehicles will be allowed but all other traffic will be closed for the day. Also Read - China Occupies Part of Bhutan, Sets up Village Close to Doklam Clash Site: Report

This is a great step in the right direction. Automobiles are one of the major causes of pollution in today’s times. By going vehicle-free for one day, we are giving a much-needed break our natural surroundings. In addition to this, Bhutan is also conducting several cleanliness drives and plantation programmes.