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World Rainforest Day 2022: Leap Into The Wild And Explore Depth Of Indian Rainforests

Trek into the depths of the tropical rainforests in India and discover the hidden beauty that must be preserved.

Published: June 22, 2022 8:34 PM IST

By Travel Staff | Edited by Jigyasa Sahay

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Explore these resplendant rainforests and learn more about the nature (Photo: Pixabay)

World Rainforest Day 2022: Every year June 22 is observed as World Rainforest Day. Started by a foundation called Rainforest Partnership, this occasion got recognition in 2017. Still at a nascent stage, this initiative is till gaining momentum across the world. This year, the theme for World Rainforest Day is ‘ The Time is Now’. The vision is to channelise the focus of the countries towards the depleting forests and take pre-emptive actions immediately. Thus, not many are aware about it. Speaking of awareness, India has some of the most-dense and splendid rainforests which abound in exotic wilderness.

What really are rainforests?

The name pretty much speaks for itself. Rainforests are dense green covers that receive abundant rainfall throughout the year. While they are mostly found in the tropical areas, some of them are located in temperate zones. Rainforests account for inhabiting innumerable species of flora and fauna. These forests have untapped sources for medicines and therapies hidden somewhere in there.

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Scratching the surface, rainforests hold invaluable sources like coffee, spices, common fruits and vegetable, cacao, palm oil etc. Not only this, but they also absorb harmful gases producing clean air for us to breath. An integral part of the eco-system, they are also facing the threat of deforestation. A reduction in the rainforest cover on earth will lead to further environmental degradation and affect the people whose livelihood depends on it.

Rainforests in India

Amazon Rainforest, Australasian rainforest, Sundaland and others are among the world’s largest rainforests. Not far behind, India also has some of the most vegetative and resplendent forests for nature enthusiasts to explore.

North Western Ghats

The Western Ghats rise to full bloom especially in the monsoon. One can witness some of the most breathtaking spectacles here. The tropical rainforest in the region sprawl across around 30,000 sq km of land. One of the most dense forest covers in India, it is home to the largest population of elephants.  Unlike the other Indian forests, the greenwood here are depleting at a faster rate due to rapid deforestation and urbanisation.


Northeast in itself is bestowed with a bounty of natural gifts. One of the unique things about the rainforests here is that these gems are still untouched by the blemishes of commercialisation. Neither are they flocked densely by tourists. Majorly, the jungles are present in Northern Assam but some stretches are dotted in regions through Nagaland, Mizoram, Tripura etc. Pig-tailed Macaque, Slow Loris, Wild Elephants, Hoolock Gibbons are some of the popular species found here.

Andaman and Nicobar Islands


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The archipelago family of islands, Andaman and Nicobar boasts of having the best tropical rainforests in the country. Home to abundant wilderness, the woods offer an exciting trekking and hiking opportunity. Every year, lots of tourists visit the forests and explore the exotic wildlife, some of the animal species also are said to have migrated from countries like Thailand, Bangladesh etc.

In addition to the verdure of towering trees, exotic wilderness, thrilling treks and trails, these rainforests are also home to some of the indigenous tribes. Nonetheless, the native tribes reside in the depths of the forest and choose to maintain a distance from the city scapes.

Planet earth has an abundance of mesmerising natural beauty that sprawls across the geography. From the pristine sky to the verdant grasslands, to snow-capped mountains, every element has a pivotal role to play in preserving the planet. By virtue of exploring the barks and leaves of theses hinterlands one can gouge on the knowledge about this beautiful eco-system and contribute their bit for preserving the rainforests.

Remember them and they will remember you. Happy World Rainforest Day!

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